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Here you will find all the details about lessons, payments, make-ups, and scheduling...

2024-2025 Fall, Spring, and Summer Term Dates 

Fall Term: Aug. 5, 2024 - Dec. 13, 2024 (No lessons Nov. 25-29 for Thanksgiving)

Spring Term: Jan. 6, 2025 - May 16, 2025 (No classes March 17-21 for Spring break) 

Make Up Week: May 19-23, 2025

Summer Term: June 2, 2025 - June 27, 2025   

Summer Break: July is for summer break! 

Billing Details:

  •  Tuition is spread equally over the course of the year and charged each month in advance.  This monthly payment guarantees the student's space in my studio, and covers the costs of lessons, enrollment, books/sheet music/worksheets etc.  There are no additional book fees!  

  • The monthly payment amount is divided evenly across the 12 months of the year. This means that whether there are 5 lessons in a month or 2, the monthly tuition fee is exactly the same. 

  • Weekly students are allocated 40 lessons per year, based on the studio calendar listed above.  No refunds will be made for missed lessons, however make up lessons will be given per the make up lesson policy. 

  • Tuition is always due on or before the 1st business day of the month. 

  • Students will set up an automatic debit each month using debit or credit card through Wave Financial Online when they receive their first invoice. 

  • Tuition will only be prorated for students who began in the middle of a term, or if the teacher misses a lesson and a make up lesson time cannot be found. 

  • All tuition payments are non-refundable. 30 day notice is required for termination of lessons. 

Make up Policy:

  • Each time-slot for a student is set and therefore there is no guaranteed make-up for a missed lesson for any reason.

  • However, Amy will do her best to reschedule if given 24 hours notice, but it is up to the student/parent to find a time that will work for Amy's schedule. 

  • If no time is available in a two week window, the student will receive a make up lesson during the make up week reserved at the end of fall and spring terms (no make ups during summer term!) 

  • If the teacher cancels a lesson, it is the teacher's job to find a time that will work to reschedule the lesson that will work for the student's schedule. If no time is found, the student's tuition will be prorated the next month.   

Practice Policy:

  • Practice expectations will vary based on each student and their age and experience.  The focus in practice sessions should be aimed at quality over quantity. 

  • Regular practice is essential to any music lesson.  The most important time to practice is immediately following the student's lessons to reinforce what they just learned.  Consistent, frequent and shorter practicing every day is greatly superior to long, cramming sessions the day of the student's lesson.  

  • Students are expected to practice at least 5 days per week.  The length of the practice session will depend on the age of the student. Some general guidelines are as follows:

    • Young Beginners (5-7 year olds): 10-20 minutes per day

    • Intermediate: 20-30 minutes per day

    • Advanced: 35-45 minutes per day

    • Performer: 60 minutes per day

  • Parental involvement is crucial.  For elementary-age students, the parent should expect to sit with them for a portion of their practice time.  Student's preparation is completely the parent's responsibility for young children!

  • Student Requirements

    • Students should commit to daily practice 5 days a week.     

    • Keep fingernails trimmed!  

    • Wash hands before every lesson.    

    • Bring all current books and assignment books to each and every lesson.     

  • Parent Requirements

    • It is the parents responsibility to provide a well-tuned acoustic piano (or digital piano with weighted keys) for the child to practice in a quiet location.   

    • Most keyboards are not acceptable.  If a parent has questions about the acceptability of a keyboard for student practice, please speak with Amy in person.     

    • Check in with your child once a week, reminding them of their assignments and encouraging them to practice everything assigned for the week.   

    •     Younger students will require you to practice with them.

"Amy is such a talented pianist, and we were thrilled to have her teach our girls. They have very different personalities, and Amy worked with both of them so well, keeping them engaged and taking them each to the next level in their piano lessons. Amy is the kind of musician who can play anything--classical, jazz, hymns, etc. When our oldest wanted to stretch herself and try out for jazz band, Amy's guidance was so valuable to help her break through to a different style and achieve her goal!"

                                                - Karen S., parent

“Ms. Amy is kind to people and lovely as a piano teacher can be. She is sweet as a whistling bird. I like her so much. She was my piano teacher. She cares about me.  She taught me to play and sing the Do Re Mi’s. She also taught me to play with two hands.  Now I am a good piano student.” 

                     - Lily, student

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