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Piano Lessons

Orlando - Winter Park - Altamonte Springs

Mrs. Amy can help your child learn the piano!

Is the piano difficult to learn?  While most people would answer "Yes!", I believe it depends on your approach.  I believe learning the piano can be simple, fun, and very rewarding if taught in the right manner. 

Most traditional piano teachers teach the basics about note reading and rhythms right from the beginning, leaving the students to struggle at home trying to learn their songs on their own. This is not necessarily a bad approach...I myself, and many successful musicians were taught this way!  

However, there's a simpler way to learn.  I teach my students all of their songs in the lesson, so they know exactly what and how to practice at home.  Kids LOVE to practice pieces that are already familiar. This means greater efficiency and faster progress, because students are practicing with few to NO mistakes. 

Teaching this way in the beginning years leads to quick progress (often twice as fast!), better results, and students who gain confidence and love their piano lessons. This means piano lessons aren't homework, but become an enjoyable and creative aspect of their life.  

Yet, because most piano studios do not teach this way, many students drop out within the first year.  They expected to succeed  but didn't have the skills or confidence to do so, because they didn't have a teacher that taught uniquely for that student. 

At Amy's Piano Studio, I give my students the necessary skills to be playing enjoyable songs right from the beginning.  I start my students out by learning how to play by ear, and quickly introduce to them written music so they are accurately playing notes and rhythms within just a couple of months. 

Every child can learn to play the piano. I strive to serve my students the best I can to teach them in a way that brings out their unique gifts, strengthens their weaknesses, and lets them be fun and creative in the process. 

Are you interested in more information? 

Or an introductory lesson (at no charge!)?

"Amy is such a talented pianist, and we were thrilled to have her teach our girls. They have very different personalities, and Amy worked with both of them so well, keeping them engaged and taking them each to the next level in their piano lessons. Amy is the kind of musician who can play anything--classical, jazz, hymns, etc. When our oldest wanted to stretch herself and try out for jazz band, Amy's guidance was so valuable to help her break through to a different style and achieve her goal!"

                                                - Karen S., parent

“Ms. Amy is kind to people and lovely as a piano teacher can be. She is sweet as a whistling bird. I like her so much. She was my piano teacher. She cares about me.  She taught me to play and sing the Do Re Mi’s. She also taught me to play with two hands.  Now I am a good piano student.” 

                     - Lily, student

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