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What are

piano lessons like?

The Problem

Kids LOVE music.  So why do so many kids hate piano lessons?  Children (and their parents!) often view piano practice as just another chore on the "to do" list, and arrive to their weekly lessons feeling ill prepared and overwhelmed. 

What went wrong???!!

Most piano teachers simply focus on the boring facts of music, rather than on the CREATIVITY, MOVEMENT, and SINGING aspects which make music so enjoyable in the first place.  

The Solution

At Amy's Piano Studio, Mrs. Amy loves to instill an appreciation for the piano in her students. She teaches all the student's weekly music in the lesson, so kids can have fun playing and reinforcing their pieces all week long at home. Kids love to practice songs they already know, so most parents find it hard to keep their students OFF the bench! 


My students:​

  • Learn to play by ear from the very first lesson!

  • Learn to sight read and play steady rhythms in multiple styles of music

  • Learn to FEEL music through movement and "off-the-bench" activities

  • Get to be creative through improvisation and musical expression

  • Gain confidence through mastering pieces and being set up for success in their weekly lessons

  • Get all the academic and mental benefits (higher IQ, etc.) that science has proven in an encouraging and fun environment

Intermediate and Advanced Lessons

At the intermediate level and beyond, students have more options to explore.  Mrs. Amy is very experienced in a wide variety of styles, including playing off chord charts, worship music, jazz, pop, and classical music. Though Mrs. Amy's specialty is classical music, she teaches for the STUDENT, and is happy to explore the students' interests in detail. 

Advanced students are also introduced to college-level theory and advanced skills and techniques to prepare for college entrance if desired. 


Are you interested in more information? 

Or an introductory lesson (at no charge!)?




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